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5 Essential Tools to Help Boost Your SEO Keyword Strategy According to the SEO Expert

With the growth of technology, our world has become smaller and easier to manage. Research work no longer relies on old records that have been reused by millions of other users. Today, research has become refined and updated giving fresh ideas each day.

A good SEO Keyword is magic to your work! It works behind the scenes to attract and boost your Google rankings making you rate high. That means with the right keyword, you can easily reach your preferred audience. 

Developing a good keyword strategy comes from an understanding of your market and the needs to be met. Without that, you will simply lose focus and target! The only way you get to understand the market is by validating the data that clearly shows how the search for your products or services is happening on the online platform.

There are many online tools you can use to validate this data easily. To make it even easier, some of these tools will cost you nothing but your time. Take it from Houston SEO expert, unless you learn how to spend time using these tools, your online business will only remain a dream.

Essential Tools To Look Out For are:

  • The Google AdWords Keyword Planner – This is one of the finest tools that brings together both the historical statistics for past searches as well as future predictions about the number of clicks and conversions that you might get. Once these statistics are presented to you, you can then search for keyword ideas based on what your products or services entail. This tool that allows you to search ideas that are well utilized can guarantee to drive traffic to your site. The Keyword Planner that comes together with the Google AdWords account gives you ideas and suggestions that are up to date on the market as at the day of your research. The tool always has its research information updated to the very day you are carrying out your research in order to suit your research.
  • The Google Suggest – This is considered by many as the most basic tool to help you start your keyword research. Many people today consider it too basic to a point that they overlook it and move on to other tools but it’s still highly helpful. Most of the search that happens here allows you to find popular searches even according to their location. By typing in your keyword phrase followed by letters of the alphabets one by one, you will notice the search suggestions mostly lead to locations. This is a useful tool that helps you get ideas from the competitors in your region. It also helps you understand how to phrase your keyword to make it marketable.
  • The – This tool is a great way to initialize any kind of search you are undertaking. It aggregates the data from sources like Wikipedia, Amazon, Google etc. and reports to you the most relevant searches. It also uses filters to narrow down your search while downloading and saving the information for future use. The information you get from this search tool can allow you to upload to other search tools to get more insight. Upgrading to the Pro Version of this tool gives you access to finding related keywords, data on the search volume as well as competition status.
  • The Trending Topics on Social Media – The social media channels are always ablaze with the current happenings around the world. Most people know this is the sole use of social media but they are wrong. If you have not yet tapped into channels for keyword research, you are missing out on some valuable insights that should be feeding your knowledge. In a simple step of typing your word or phrase on the search bar, you get to see the latest trending topics. Social media monitoring tools like Hoot suite also allow you to create a stream based on your particular phrase, which also monitors the mentions it has received.
  • The SpyFu – This tool allows you to spy on the competition around you so that you can learn without making the same mistakes that others have made in the past. When you type in a competitor’s URL, you are able to see the ranking of the many keywords as well as their ad value. This tool also offers good analytics on backlinks that are driving the most traffic to your keywords. SpyFu shows side by side data on the competitors’ search results so you can effortlessly see where it’s cost effective to bid on a particular keyword that will guarantee traffic to your site.