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6 Reasons to Use an SEO Expert and Dominate Your Competition

Some interesting stats first; the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) says the number of internet users will surpass the 3 billion users previously projected in 2015. Pew Internet Research also says almost 80% of American Smartphone users are adults. Another study by eMarketer shows that almost 80% of shoppers make their decisions by comparing firms online.

What do these numbers imply? The Internet is the future of business and if you are not leveraging it, you are headed for a rough patch. Nevertheless, gaining visibility online is not easy but with an SEO expert, you can gradually penetrate the online platform and get your website on the first page of Google search engine results.

For your business to be visible, your target clients must see your website on the first page of search engine results. Your search engine optimization expert helps you achieve this using different techniques. So what other benefits do these experts bring to the table? Take a look:

  1. Cost-effectiveness: There are many other ways of advertising your business including PPC, email marketing and purchasing leads. However, none is as cost-effective as SEO marketing.
  2. Turning the spotlight on your website: If more people are now online, then your website needs to be visible. An SEO consultant works round-the-clock to ensure you get higher ranking on SERPs for your target keywords.
  3. The future of business: SEO is one the most cited marketing tactics today. With over 80% of shoppers reviewing businesses online before shopping, there is no better approach than using a SEO expert to market your website online.
  4. More navigable site: Search engine optimization techniques also involve removal of broken links, heavy images, bad code and other factors that make your website difficult to navigate. At the end of the day, you will have a more professional, user-friendly website once your search engine optimization expert is done.
  5. The rise of the Smartphone: Today more people are using their cell phone to access the Internet. When your website is optimized for mobile devices, you will enjoy more targeted traffic and the resultant effect will be higher ranking on search engines results and increased sales.

Technical expertise: If you want to market your business online, you should capitalize on a highly experienced professional. These people have the right skills and exposure to help market your website while still avoiding the pitfalls of black hat SEO techniques which can ruin your business.