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Email Marketing: 5 Strategies to Increase CTR

Email marketing is one of the most cost effective and result oriented online marketing techniques applied by both small and large enterprises to reach customers across the globe. One marketing research firm estimated that in 2017 total 225 billion emails will be sent for promotional purposes. So, you can imagine that it will be very difficult to rise above the clutter and get noticed by the potential customers. If you want people to notice your email, click on it, read the content, and take the intended action, here are five tips for you.

Take advantage of interactive email: If you ask someone why he loves a website more than an email he or she will probably tell you that it is the interactive elements on a website that make it a lot more attractive. The good news is, emails can be interactive too and though all email service providers may not support interactive content right now, Gmail and some other email platforms let you view interactive elements. Interactive elements such as an image slideshow can be embedded in emails to make it more engaging.

Make sure your email is easy to scan: When people open an email, they don’t read line by line; they simply scan it at a glance. An easy to scan email ensures that your message will get delivered to the target audience. You should write 2-3 lines paragraphs, catchy yet small headlines and give enough white space to make the marketing emails easily readable.

Personalize your email: Gone are the days when only addressing the receiver by name was good enough to generate sales. Just beginning the email with “Hi Robert” instead of “Hi subscriber” is not impressive. In order to truly personalize your email marketing campaign, you need to use customer related data fetched by your CRM software throughout the year. For example, I received an email from Uber in December 2016 and in that email Uber not only personally greeted me for being a loyal customer, but they also mentioned how many rides I took, how drivers rated me as a passenger and how I rated Uber drivers, my most frequent destinations, and a lot more! When a customer understands that you truly value his or her presence, brand loyalty is not difficult to earn.

Place the CTA on top: Let the customers know what you expect from them before they even read the first paragraph. Do you want them to buy something? Do you want them to sign up for a seminar? A clear call to action in bold letters at the very beginning of your email body ensures faster conversion. Make sure that it takes only 2-3 clicks to seal the deal!

Automate the welcome email: When someone becomes a member of your website by signing up, it is your responsibility to welcome him warmly and immediately. However, it is not possible for any human being to type thousands of welcome emails every day and thus you must automate the welcome email system to make sure every customer is greeted by your company as soon as they sign up. People love to read welcome emails and feel confident to be in touch with a company that communicates promptly.


This year will bring you great opportunities to interact with the customers via email marketing thanks to the consistent progress in technology and dynamic buying patterns of the consumers. Apply the suggestions mentioned above and you will notice a significant increase in CTR as well as conversion rate.