Expert Tips on Acquiring Expired Domains

expired domain

Web world offers you a wide array of opportunities to make money from home and domain buying-selling is one of them. While you can always buy a brand new domain, some prefer to put their money in expired domains because older domains (which have expired recently) already have earned Google’s trust and thus make things a lot easier from SEO perspective.

So, what is an expired domain?

Domains need to be renewed after a certain period of time, one/two years, but when someone forgets to renew the domain name or doesn’t have enough money to retain a domain, he gets 30 days extension period to renew. In case the current domain owner still fails to renew then this domain is declared as expired domain and anyone can bid to buy it.

If you are planning to buy an expired domain, then there are a few things that you must keep in mind.

Inspect DA and PA: Hundreds of domains expire every day but first you need to find them before buying. You can head to websites like and to get a long list of expired website domains.  DA means Domain Authority and PA means Page Authority. You can check these two factors of your chosen domain by visiting Make sure that your preferred domain scores 25+ in Domain Authority.

Don’t Forget Google Banned Checker: Suppose your chosen domain scores high in both DA and PA, but are you sure that it will serve your purpose? What if the previous website admin was involved in web spamming activities and thus, Google banned the domain from the SERP. In that case, all your money will go in vain. Use Google Banned Checker tool to be sure about the quality of the domain.

Google AdSense Ban Checking: If you are planning to develop a site and use the expired domain to start a business/blog, then it is necessary to check if you can place ads on your site. Ads help bloggers as well as website owners make significant amount of money and if your site is banned by AdSense, then all your hard work will not bring any advertisers. You can use a tool named “AdSense Sandbox Checker” to check whether the domain you are buying is banned or not.

Website Archive Checking Is Crucial: It is important to know what type of website used the domain before your purchase it. In order to check the past history of an expired domain, simply go to and paste the URL of your choice. You will get to know everything about the history of your selected domain.

Buying an expired domain is always a good idea because it comes with a certain level of authority and people are already aware of it. So, if you start a new business, users will immediately recognize the website URL. However, there is one last piece of advice. Don’t buy too old domains. Don’t buy any expired domain that first came into existence before 1996. Such domains are not useful. Hope the suggestions will help you get an SEO friendly domain at an affordable rate. If you have any questions, share with us!