Important Tips for Entrepreneurs Running Ecommerce Sites – Part II

By improving the visibility of your business in the organic search engine rankings, you can attract more traffic that may end up buying your products and services. As you improve in rank, the traffic and potential benefits for your business also increase. These are a few important points to bear in mind for your business’s SEO strategy:

  1. Improve your content strategy

Even if your site has been created only to sell your products and services, you must have a way to add high quality content regularly in order to earn the ‘freshness’ factor that search engines look for. You can have a blog section in the main ecommerce site or separately in another URL, but you should have one.

Not only will this place your site in the good graces of search engines, it will earn you a loyal readership who you can easily turn into loyal customers and free brand ambassadors that share your content within their social circles.

Try to make your content related to the products and services you offer, with links to those products where applicable to make it easier for readers to access the exact product if they want to buy out of what you have said.

  1. Never use manufacturer’s PD

Building your own unique product descriptions can be a long and tedious process, but you shouldn’t try to escape it by copy-pasting the manufacturer’s product descriptions onto your site. This is a complete SEO faux-pas because not only do you create duplicate content that may see you penalized, there’s also no room to optimize for your specific search terms.

Always rewrite product descriptions in your own words to make them unique and naturally include search engine friendly terms. These are the keywords your target market will search for.

  1. Product image optimization

Image optimization is also a valid search avenue; therefore you need to optimize your product images in order to improve your organic ranking under the Images section. Many users are now looking at images to help them determine exactly which products they want.

You can optimize your images by adding important keywords in the image text and captions for each image on the site. Also, ensure that the file size is optimized so that viewers are not turned away by slow loading images if they are accessing through mobile phones or slower connections. However, avoid unnatural keyword stuffing; ensure keywords used are directly relevant to the image.

  1. Include user reviews

Each product should have a section for users to add their comments and rate the product in order to make it easier for potential clients to close a transaction in the same visit. If the users have to go elsewhere to find reviews for your products, they may go altogether. Reviews also offer a passive way to build unique content within the site.