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SEM and SEO statistics validating the power of search

Every brand with an online presence wants customers to find them online! Search is the only option here. Since the time search engines got created, SEO had been the most potent statistics that ensure a brand or website gets noticed by the correct user and at the right time.

The search industry had undergone several changes over the years! However, one thing has stayed stable. And that is this, that SEO is an essential aspect of online marketing success.

Stable, consistent, and proper SEO is all about dedication! It takes time. There’s more to do than content creation and link building. Based on the industry and the kind of SEO search that you want to maximize visibility, it is essential to make use of multiple tactics and strategies. The search engines today, provide more choices to its users and the site owners, than before. Also, the two major online activities today are email and search.

The statistics

Several SEM and SEO statistics establish the relevance of the search. The crucial ones are as follows:

  • About 66% of distinct search questions lead to one or more clicks
  • More than 63% of all the searches get performed through Google
  • It is essential to rank high for organic search outcomes. It is because over 80% of the users tend to overlook the paid advertisements
  • About 21% of the searchers click on more than a single result
  • About 50% of the search queries are of four words or even long
  • Close to 94% of all the tablet and mobile search traffic gets generated from Google
  • About 60% of the clicks are on the best three sites in the search engine results
  • The search engine generates close to 300% and more traffic to the websites as compared to social media
  • About 50% of visitors have the chances to click the outcome when the brand gets visible in search engine results for many times
  • Around 87% of the Smartphone users opts-in for a search engine query at least once every day
  • Usually, the SEO leads come with a 14.6% close rate in comparison to the 1.7% for the outbound leads, for instance, the print ads.
  • The average time spent on the search sessions are generally less than a minute
  • Almost 75% of the users don’t click beyond the page one of the search results
  • The marketers making use of both PPC ads and the organic SEO tactics can witness 25% or more clicks. Also, there are 27% more profits as compared to making use of a single process
  • The inbound leads, for instance, SEO, can cost 61% lesser than the outbound leads, cold calling, and direct mails.
  • About 93% of online experiences start with the search engine.
  • The companies are anticipated to spend $79 billion or more on SEO by the year 2020.
  • Around 57% of the B2B marketers state that SEO can get more leads as compared to other marketing initiatives
  • Approximately 93% of the online experiences start with the search engine
  • About 81% of people carry out some online search before they make a big purchase

These are some of the essential SEO and SEM statistics and data that affirms the relevance of search in SEO and online marketing.