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4 Search Engine Optimization Myths Busted by Your SEO Expert

Search Engine Optimization Myths

Myths have for ages kept the world enthralled. They are so believable that they become part of your ken unknowingly.  From the myth of Newton being hit by an apple to the Vegas kidney stealers these believable stories are prevalent.

Myths in SEO

Well, in search engine optimization for your website you will be confronted by myriad myths which have hindered the potential of many creative websites. To avoid this pitfall, you need to use a SEO specialist to not only identify these misconceptions but also to explain why they exist.

Here are a few SEO myths your consultant will help bust lest they ruin your website’s fortunes:

  1. Any link is a good link: Of course you have already heard this and some SEO services will even swear by it. You need to know that Google constantly updates its algorithms and one thing they abhor is black hat link building. If you don’t have quality links, avoid them altogether lest you suffer debilitating penalties.
  2. SEO is a scam: There are naysayers who will argue that no one knows what Google is after in rankings. However, you just have to look at the websites in your niche featuring on the 1st page of SERPs. They feature quality of inbound links, fresh content, graphics, solid page architecture, high visibility and other aspects that make a good website. Let no one fool you.
  3. Once is enough! Some quick SEO quacks will tell you that once they put you on the first page of SERPs ranking, you can sit back and relax. This is a ploy to con you because links will always degrade, content must stay up to date, search engine algorithms keep changing and your competition is still evolving. As such, you need to be continually proactive on SEO.
  4. Search engines will find you: Well, any credible SEO expert will tell you that Google mimics human behavior in content evaluation. If you just sit on your website and wait for Google to come calling you are in for an interminable wait.

These SEO myths are just a tip of the iceberg; there is so much more you need to know but your consultant is at hand to help.