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4 Tips Your SEO Expert Must Embrace for the 2016 Campaign

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It is that time of the year when Google updates its algorithms and makes other updates for its search engine. 2015 has already been hectic and demanding for any SEO consultant with updates on Panda, Hummingbird and now the expected Real-Time Penguin.

If you have contracted an SEO specialist, it pays to keep abreast of some current ideas that can keep your website high in the rankings. Such insight also ensures you don’t incorporate risky techniques which can take the wind out of the SEO campaign sails.

Here are some specific ideas your SEO expert should consider and if they are not being integrated you need to ask for the reason:

  1. Stay away from low quality and shady sites: Some of the sites may rank highly but one thing is for sure; their day of doom is nearing. If you have too many links from these spammy, sites your SEO campaign will not set off. You must check the root PR using the myriad of online tools available.
  2. On-page optimization still rules: Despite whatever you have heard before; Google and other search engines still value a well-designed website. If it is easy to maneuver you can bet it will also be easy for search engine spiders to find. You must be hyper-relevant to a topic by including the subject in the title tag, URL and any image on the page.
  3. Leverage keywords -but with caution: Keywords can make or break your website. Your SEO consultant needs to leverage analytical tools available to research optimal keywords and then apply them logically. Caution is called for in using them because overuse will alert search engines leading to penalties.
  4. Update quality content: Whether you have a blog or social media platform, you must ensure there is always fresh content and that it is relevant. It is important to acquire backlinks through guest posting and article directories because search engines recognize such natural growth as opposed to black hat strategies.

There are many other expected updates from Google but your SEO specialist will always be on hand to guide the campaign. It is always good to proactively follow the project through regular reports. This keeps you in the know about the progress level while also giving you insight on SEO techniques.