What Are the Qualities You Should Look For in an SEO Expert?

Digital marketing, search engine optimization, social media optimization and PPC are the backbones of any web based business that help it rise above the clutter and get the attention of search engines as well as potential consumers. Online marketing and SEO are complicated tasks, especially when you have just launched your business and people are not aware of your brand. Only a proficient SEO expert can help you beat the competitors and ensure long-term success of your business. There are many SEO professionals in India, but when you are hiring an SEO expert for your website optimization and SMO, you should choose carefully. Make sure that you hire someone who has the following qualities.

Continuous learner: Google, Bing, and other search engines change their algorithms quite frequently. Social media sites also update their algorithms and promotional tools every now and then. The SEO techniques which were very useful back in 2010 can damage your site’s reputation now. Therefore, you need to hire someone who is constantly eager to learn new optimization techniques. When you meet the SEO professional, ask him about the new things happening in the industry and see how eagerly he discusses the new technology, shares his knowledge and tells you his plan to make your site future ready.

Problem solver: If you have launched your site 2-3 years ago and it is still not performing well in terms of SERP ranking, then there must be something wrong with your site. Ability to accept a challenging situation is a rare yet commendable quality of an SEO expert. Instead of getting confused and losing hope, he should devise a plan to bring your site back from the abyss. In fact, even a popular site may face SEO issues when a new update is pushed by Google, but a truly talented SEO guru will apply “trial and error method” until he finds a way to recover the lost rank on SERP.

Attention to detail: A proficient SEO connoisseur not only has technical knowledge, he is also a perfectionist. Small things like wrong title tags or incomplete Meta description or too many keyword insertions in website content can spoil all your hard work and lead to penalization by Google. Hire an SEO specialist who prefers to double check every minute detail of the website for 100% success.

Great communication skills: SEO is not just about inserting keywords in website content. The process of making a website search engine friendly starts from the website design and development stage. From uploading the web optimized images to making the site responsive, everything plays a crucial role in the search engine optimization process. Select someone who is not bossy, but can effortlessly communicate with your web development, graphic design, content writing and programming teams to make sure that they work cohesively for the success of your brand.

Experience is essential: Last but certainly the most crucial quality of a good SEO practitioner is his experience in this field. You may not hire someone with 10 yrs of experience, but make sure that you don’t leave the fate of your website in the hands of a fresher. Not only the person should have at least 2-3 years of experience, it should be relevant as well. For example, if you own an e-commerce site, then bring someone who has handled e-commerce websites before, not someone who takes care of educational websites.


Focus on these five qualities while hiring the SEO expert so that your SEO and SMO expenses bring satisfactory ROI. SEO professionals are not magicians and they can’t take your website to number 1 rank within a few months. However, a truly skilled SEO guru will deliver you results within the deadline mentioned in the contract.