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6 Tips to Become an Established SEO Expert

If you are looking for an interesting career path, it is time to explore the world of online marketing. One of the most important realms in internet marketing is of course search engine optimization (SEO). As competition for internet traffic and search engine ranking increases, the importance of SEO continues growing.  Previously, anyone with inkling in IT could pass for an SEO specialist but this has now changed.  To succeed as an SEO consultant, website owners will be looking for specialized skills from you.

While millions of websites are being built daily, Google says only 52% are making any revenue online. As an SEO specialist, you have the task of increasing traffic to your client’s website by using techniques that enhance user experience. More importantly, you must follow Google Webmaster Guidelines to avoid penalties.

Below are some of the ideas that can help you build your SEO business and continue building your portfolio in this competitive business environment:

1. Internet Savvy

Any successful SEO strategist must have some basic knowledge of how the internet works. In fact, clients today will even ask for certification from recognized online programs to ascertain that you understand the tools that are search engine friendly and those that are not. You should also have some coding and programming knowledge in order to easily integrate new practices into your client’s website without the need to outsource.

2. Networking Skills

If you are an SEO consultant and you are finding it hard to get customers, it is highly likely that your target audience can’t find you. You have to promote your brand and the best way to do this is by building a strong network. You should always find time to interact with authority websites by guest blogging and commenting on content that can drive traffic to your site. More importantly, attend SEO conferences in your city to meet with potential customers and opinion makers in the industry.

3. Be Open Minded

A successful SEO expert is always ready to accept new ideas in the industry and also from their clients. When interviewing for a project, take time to listen to what your client needs before proposing what can actually work. In some cases, you might not have knowledge of a particular strategy and it is always important to acknowledge you can’t know everything. To stay ahead, make sure you are constantly researching on trending SEO practices and try them out on your site. Always make sure you know what is current in your niche to avoid being left behind.

4. Use White Hat techniques

The days when underhand SEO techniques could work are gone. Google Penguin was recently updated and it is now easier for search engine crawlers to detect spammy links and penalize them. In essence, avoid techniques that will hurt the client’s website because word will eventually get around about your work ethic.  During initial consultations with your client, be frank about the strategies you will use and give realistic deadlines to avoid unnecessary pressure. If your strategy leads to penalties, you can bet your company will soon be trending for all the wrong reasons and you will have a hard time finding another client.

5. Facilitate Collaboration

 Effective SEO specialists appreciate their limits and don’t try to push too hard. In essence, SEO is a collaborative effort between technical experts, web designers, content marketers, social media experts, data analysts, and PR practitioners among other experts. When you use such a team in your SEO campaign, the results will be more positive and you will gradually build a strong portfolio.

6. Facilitate Communication

Most SEO projects fail due to breakdown in communication. If an SEO consultant does not have a solid communication strategy, things are bound to go wrong. Your client needs a full report of what you are doing behind the scenes and the only way to do this is by agreeing on a communication strategy. Whether you have agreed on email reports or you have a dashboard to show the ongoing SEO project, make sure you have ready answers whenever your client requires some answers.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is now more important than even and you can build a great career by following these ideas. Your approach should always be strategic and genuine and make sure you build your business from the bottom as you continue networking.