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Algorithm Update

Broad Core Algorithm Update: Google Confirms Core Algorithm Update over The Weekend

Last week’s Google algorithm update was a core update as per the reports from Google representatives and SEO authorities...

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6 Effective Off-Page Optimization Techniques to Boost Your Website’s Online Visibility

As a young and ambitious entrepreneur operating a small online business, you will probably go to any lengths to ensure y...

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Optimizing your WordPress template in 5 easy steps for the leading search engines in 2018

WordPress has been around since 2008, and ever since then, its optimization techniques have undergone several changes. O...

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Google updates – Plan your strategies and reap the benefits by picking up the cues early

Every marketer knows how important it is to create and maintain a steady flow of good content to support the SEO campaig...

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Content marketing – why it is so important for SEO and how to do it correctly?

It would seem cliché to repeat that good content is essential for keeping the SEO kicking. However, like any other vital...

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Google Updates

5 Google Updates from early 2018 that will affect your SEO and ranking today

Keyword stuffing and link farming were legit SEO strategies even a couple of days ago. Then with the advent of Hummingbi...

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SEO Performance

Explore The Powers of Joomla to Enhance The SEO Performance of Your Website

When you can do three things rightly, you should be able to place search engine optimization campaign in good stead. Fir...

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Google Chrome

Google Chrome 68 Will Mark The Expiration Date of All HTTP Sites in 2018

To be fair, Google has given quite a long time to all websites to compete for ranks and traffic. This also includes the ...

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